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Fresh Anointing

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Michael A. Young - “Fresh Anointing”

Currently in final stages of his New National Project: 

Scheduled for Release - January 2020

Featuring: Zacardi Cortez, Neicy Robinson, Adriann Lewis Freemen, Pastor De Andre Patterson, Daria Raymoore to name a few.

A National Premier Band 

And Background Vocals from Chicago’s Finest.

Executive Producer: D. Titus Robinson

Experience (Fresh) Worship & Praise from some of the most anointed worship leaders and musicians of our time.

Father God, we ask that you would bless this project spiritually, that it may go out all over the world, so that men, women, boys and girls may be able to RECEIVE A FRESH ANOINTING OVER THEIR LIVES AND WIN SOULS for your Kingdom.

WE want Everybody, to REJOICE and be exceedingly glad to receive a word in song about your love, grace, mercy, goodness, and power. Right now we are requesting and believing that it’s already done. We acknowledge our God that all good and perfect gifts come from you.

In Jesus Name,